Human resources

Οur personell is for us the biggest capital. Our team of engineers and technicians are trained, certified and qualified to the highest standards for the services it provides. All employees, administrative and technical staff, is committed to a common goal: to provide excellent service!

Facility Maintenance

IPEL with innovative solutions in the operation and maintenance of building complexes and industrial sites provide effective management and savings in operating costs with long-term contracts at the same time add value to your property.


The service includes maintenance and control work in all equipment (Transformer – Tables Medium and Low Voltage), specific measurements, cleaning, repairs, technical report with solutions for the smooth operation of the substation and categorized according to the criticality of the installation and the customer requirements.

  • The Company

    IPEL was founded in 1996 and began its activities with the marketing distribution transformers with the aim to cover market gaps in public and private works in the field of electrical substations MV consumer equipment.

    Today it is a modern, healthy and competitive Greek company and operates in the distribution system of electricity. Technical Maintenance (Facility Managment)

    Since its establishment until today, the IPEL supplied and installed a large number of electrical equipment and managed to become one of the leading companies especially in the field of Distribution Transformers, Generating Sets, Electrical Panels, busbar Pipelines (Bus bars), but in other systems Electricity distribution.

  • Main Activity Areas of IPEL A.E.T.E .:

    – Import and marketing power transformers, busbar Pipelines, Generating Sets, Tables Middle Voltage Protection Bodies etc.

    – Design, Construction and Installation of Electrical projects Medium Voltage Substations, Environmental Protection Projects etc.

    – Supply contracts Preventive Maintenance or Repair Electrical Installations of Buildings and Industrial Groups (facility management), MV substations, generating sets and qualified staff to meet maintenance needs.

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Our success

The success of the company is based on its specialized staff, the ability to choose the right suppliers, as well as its capable partners who have many years of experience in the Greek market and the ability to meet even the most complex demands of its customers.

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