The Company

IPEL was founded in 1996 and began its activities with the marketing distribution transformers with the aim to cover market gaps in public and private works in the field of electrical substations MV consumer equipment.

Today it is a modern, healthy and competitive Greek company and operates in the distribution system of electricity. Technical Maintenance (Facility Managment)

Since its establishment until today, the IPEL supplied and installed a large number of electrical equipment and managed to become one of the leading companies especially in the field of Distribution Transformers, Generating Sets, Electrical Panels, busbar Pipelines (Bus bars), but in other systems Electricity distribution.

IPEL today is proud to be the first choice of the substations users of Contractor Companies, Public Services, Industry, Hotel Industry, Consultants and other individuals.

Its name became synonymous with quality, not only for the technology it represents, but also for expert advice and services provided before and after the sale (turn key projects, complex electrical installations, maintenance and repair of electrical machinery, Y / C, etc.).

The success of the enterprise based on specialized staff of, the ability to choose the right suppliers and the most capable partners who have years of experience in the Greek market and the ability to handle even the most complex requirements of its customers.

Main Areas of Business of IPEL A.E.T.E.:

– Import and trading of Power Transformers, Power Pipes, Generating Pairs, Medium Voltage Boards, Protection Instruments, etc.

– Design, Construction and Installation of Electromechanical Projects, Medium Voltage Substations, Environmental Protection Projects etc

– Provision of Preventive or Repair Maintenance Contracts for Facility Management of Electrical and Mechanical Installations of Buildings and Industrial Complexes, Substations of MW, Generating Pairs as well as Disposal of Qualified Personnel to meet maintenance needs.




Nikolaos Klissiotis

Nikolaos Klisiotis is a certified Electrical Engineer and Computer Engineer at the German Technical School “Ostfalia Hochschule”.

After many years of experience as Head of Sales at AEG HELLAS in the field of Substations and Power Transformers, he founded in 1997 IPEL (Power Distribution Systems), where he has held the position of Managing Director.



Panagiota Tsakou

Panagiota Tsakou has been in charge of the financial management of the company since 1999. With accounting and finance studies he has attended numerous seminars such as:

– Computerized Accounting, Accounting, Taxation, Labor
– Practical Payroll Office – Workers’ Insurance
– Accounting operation – Accounting organization



Konstantinos Kirkilis

Konstantinos Kyrkilis, Electrical Engineer, has attended seminars on Sales Techniques, Salesforce Management, Technical Training Course at the factories that our company represents, as well as Seminars for the design and construction of Substations and Generating Pairs. He has a work experience from 2000 to Sales Engineer for design, construction and maintenance of electromechanical installations. Since 2002, he has been in the IPEL’s workforce.



Evanggelos Sarrlis

Evangelos Sarlis is a Electrical Engineer & amp; Computer Engineer, studied at the Polytechnic School of the Aristotle University and at T.E.I Chalkida while attending seminars of the Inspector of Buildings and Maintenance of Substations



Christos Arguriou

Christos Argyriou is an Electronic Engineer. He is a Sales Engineer, responsible for the sales and maintenance contracts of IPEL.


IPEL S.A maintains a Certified Quality and Environmental Management System in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2009, BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 standards for the following fields of activity:

– Supply, installation, technical maintenance of electromechanical equipment and required construction work for its installation.

– Technical maintenance of electromechanical installations.

– Construction of electromechanical installations and building projects

– Installation, installation and maintenance (Outdoor substations) of photovoltaic parks